Play golf, level up, buy gear and abilities. Complete challenges and play in 18-hole tournaments across several courses on your way to become a golf pro!


Growing up I loved the Mario Golf games from Camelot on the GBC and GBA. Any time I was travelling in the backseat of a car as a child I had my gameboy and was playing Mario Golf. I took the familiar gameplay of Mario Golf for the GBC and adding my own unique twists to create a unique golf experience.


  • Multiple regions with their own distinct hazards.
  • Procedurally generated holes and challenges.
  • Purchaseable abilities and golf tech.
  • Daily challenges and leaderboard.
  • 3 button press golf timing system.


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About Pmurph Games

Patrick Murphy is the sole developer behind Pmurph Games. Developing games is a passion that began with the desire to bring joy through an interactive medium. His goal is to create games that blend childhood favourites with unique twists to create new and innovative gameplay experiences.
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Patrick Murphy