Golfinite is a golf rpg game. In addition to the 3-press timing used in a lot of golf games, golfinite has abilities that players can use while the ball is in flight. Abilities and tech can be purchased that provide things like aftertouch, including the wind when lining up a shot, and more. It features procedurally generated holes and challenges, so every playthrough is different. Complete enough challenges to unlock the tournament in each wrold, place in the tournament to unlock additional regions.


Growing up I loved the Mario Golf games from Camelot on the GBC and GBA. If I was ever in a car ride or travelling somewhere as a child, I had my gameboy and was playing Mario Golf. I wanted to make my own version of golf with similar gameplay but with some extra tweaks with purchasable abilities and golf tech.


  • Multiple regions with their own distinct hazards.
  • Procedurally generated holes and challenges.
  • Purchaseable abilities and golf tech.
  • Daily challenges and leaderboard.
  • 3 button press golf timing system.


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Patrick Murphy