Hello, I'm Patrick Murphy.
I love programming.

A picture of the creator of this site, Patrick Murphy.

I’m a web and game developer from Aurora, ON.

I enjoy building fast, responsive, and accessible websites. I love solving problems, and learning new things.

I also enjoy building tools and assets to help people with game development.

  • University of Guelph
    BSc. Physical Sciences
  • freeCodeCamp
    Full Stack Certification
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • React
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • SQL Databases
  • C#
  • Unity + UE4


Websites with quick load times and instant interaction.


Designs that work on any screen size.


Sites that can be used by anyone, regardless of ability.

Web Development

MHTools screenshot

MH Tools

A website with various tools to help manage, cope, and track mental health issues. Created with React + Redux, Express, Node, and Postgres. Deployed on Heroku.

Pathfinding screenshot


A project to demonstrate how A* and Djikstra's Pathfinding algorithms work. Created with React, and deployed on Github Pages.

Moodtracker screenshot

Mood Tracker

A work in progress application to help people track which activities improve their mood over time. Created with React Native + Expo + SQLite

Game Development

Easy Collider Editor screenshot

Easy Collider Editor

Designed to make the creation of 3d primitive colliders easier in Unity. Uses vertex selection tools to generate primitive colliders that perfectly fit the mesh. Available on the Unity Asset Store.

Mass Calculator screenshot

Mass Calculator

Calculates mass for Rigidbodies from attached colliders and Physic Materials or simple material enums. Also allows for mass calculation from all mesh vertices. Available on the Unity Asset Store.

Unity plant pack screenshot

Unity Plant Packs

Plant asset packages created using 3dsmax, photoshop, and a PBR workflow. Available on the Unity Asset Store.

Unreal engine 4 plant pack screenshot

UE4 Plant Packs

Plant asset packages created using 3dsmax, photoshop, and a PBR workflow. Uses a custom material created for UE4. Available on the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace.


Golfinite Screenshot


A golf rpg game with procedurally generated courses and challenges. Unlock abilities and tech and progress through several regions to become a golf pro.